Nedeľné sv. omše

1999-02-02 - message obtained through Martin

My children!
     I want to say to you, that in this time Satan particularly offers wealth - gold and silver for your sight. He will obscure your sight, so you would not see Divine matter. He will to storm especially the youth towards worldly gaiety and he will to fix it to this world. Therefore children, pray even more. Children, one may not be a servant to two masters, to God and to mammon too. I know children that you want to serve God but I warn you so you would know in time how to defend yourselves.

1999-02-04 - message obtained through Simona

My beloved children,
     my love to you is immense therefore I am coming even today to delight and strengthen your hearts. My children, you're very worried and tired. You are worried and laden because of things of this world. Children, get free from all torments and odds and ends, which will vanish and get fixed to heavenly values. My children, don't you think that the love is more than all of these things? Don't you think that peace is more important for you that all of these worries? Children accept love and see this world through the sight of love. Accept peace and give it out with a heart of peace. I help you all the time so accept my love and peace. I love you immensely.
     Thank you my Dear children, that you have heard my call.

1999-02-07 - message obtained through Martin - prvá nedeľa

My children,
     I love you immensely and I thank you that you have come here. I want to ask you to get deeper into your hearts so as to find out how you love Jesus and what faith you have in Him. Reflect whether your faith is solid. If you indeed love Jesus then you will have a joy from the faith in Him. Children, may Jesus, who is in everyone of you, in every heart, be happy and free so as to perform in you and in this way you will be a light, which does not go out but shines into the whole world.
     Thank you, that you have heard my call.

1999-02-11 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     I love you. I love you and the same I want also from you. I want you to love one another without difference, without a difference of how one looks or if one is good or bad. Children do not be closed into yourselves but open yourselves for others for you are a great family. I love everyone without a difference whether he is poor or rich, whether he is small or big. Children, all of you are mine and I love everybody the same way. Children, I am bringing to you love and I want you to give my love further on . Do something for you neighbour and help him sooner than he will ask you for it. Children do not be closed but love one another. I love you immensely.
     Thank you for hearing my call.

1999-02-18 - message obtained through Simona

My dear children!
     Peace to you, and always only the peace. May the peace fill your hearts, may the peace fill your families, may the peace reign in your state and may the peace spread into the whole world. Peace and always only peace. Children, under the peace I do not mean the deafness towards your neighbours but under the peace I mean divine peace. Peace which can fill every heart, peace, which is born by love. Children, in this era the Evil attacks very much your spiritual peace and takes it away from you. You let it be easily taken away from you and do not fight for it. Children, if you will feel worried and restless, find time for the Lord and speak to him. Tell him everything as little children. And he will send you his peace in this quiet talk which you will be able to accept.
     I love you and thank you that you have heard my call.

1999-02-25 - message obtained through Simona

My beloved children!
     I love you. Children, today I want to invite you, again invite you to that so would pray in your families. When you pray and you are together and all of you unanimously submit your intention for which you pray to your heavenly Father. Also read from the Holy Scripture. Think about what Jesus said and did and according to that you act too. Everything he said and did, he did from the great love to you. He loves you so immensely that he smothers you with his gifts and graces. Children, thank him for everything. You think often that he does not love you because he did not hear out your prayers. He loves you immensely and he does everything from his great love.
     Thank you that you have heard my call.